our approach and philosophy

Our platform is an international network of close to 500 advisors with backgrounds in financial services, technology, entrepreneurship, investment, and regulation who help push forward the companies who represent their best match.

Such a diverse community of experts provides ample opportunity for growth and learning, in addition to shared deal flow. Part of Holt’s mission is to ensure the end-to-end process is educative and enjoyable, on top of recognizing that this is an opportunity for an exchange of ideas, all in a collaborative and transparent manner. Not only are we here to counsel, but we are eager to learn from you, too.

Holt Advisor

Holt Advisor

Our advisor network of nearly 500 experts are chosen for their suitability to support early-stage FinTechs. About 70% reside in Canada while the remainder are internationally-based, giving our FinTechs an edge into entry for all market.

Moreover, our Advisor Army 110+ angel or institutional investors, 50+ financial institutions, as well as expertise across universities, governments, regulators, service providers, non-profits, and incubators/accelerators, providing ample resources and tools for success. Together, this advisor network selects the top 1% of applicants yearly that are the  best equipped for partnership.

Our advisors repertory

An international network of advisors from a diverse pool of expertise means your company benefits considerably.

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AdvisorFirst NameLast NameJob TitleCompany
Craig Asano CEO NFCA
Newton Asare Managing Partner Dream Maker Ventures
Newton Asare VP Scotiabank
John Aschwanden Executive Vice-President, Finance & Administration Hugh Wood Canada Ltd
Matthew Austin President Brigade Group
Hussam Ayyad Senior Director Ryerson
Joel Baker President & CEO MSA Research
Joel Baker President & CEO MSA Research
Donna Bales Managing Director Balmoral Advisory
Tahnya Baloukas Senior Associate Tactico
Brian Banks Managing Director Banks & Company
Gaurav Bansal Investment Professional & Program Manager Holt Accelerator
Andrea Baptiste Startups Business Amazon
Janos Barberis Founder SuperChargerFinTech Accelerator
Alexander Barclay Sr. Investment Manager MaRS Investment Fund Accelerator
Marc-Antoine Baril Engagement Manager PMP
Tony Barkett Managing Director Silicon Valley Bank
Alex Barkley Portfolio Manager & Head of Investment Strategy HSBC Ventures
Alex Barrett Analyst iNovia
Simon Beaulieu Partner EY
Tom Beaupre Lead Cyber Risk Management MNP LLP
Jean-David Begin Growth Advisor and Angel Investor Traction Ventures
Melissa Belbeck Sr. Associate Whitecap Venture Partners
Melissa Belbeck Sr. Associate Whitecap Venture Partners
Sofiane Belgadi Founder & CEO Lozard Group

International Development

Our advisors are located in 15 countries making the potential to integrate into new markets a smoother process.

Our advisors support portfolio companies on everything from investments, customer introductions, product development, tech roadmaps, and regulations, to name a few. These advisors have expertise across diverse fintech sub-verticals including digital lending, wealthtech, capital markets, banking infrastructure and automation, insurtech, digital payments, regtech, cybersecurity, digital assets and digital banks.

Such a diverse advisor network provides expertise  in  the latest innovations in each sub-vertical and a real-time market perspective for investment decision-making and our portfolio’s accelerated growth.

A majority of our advisors are located in Canada, expediting the go-to market timeline and establishing a base in Canada to target the larger North American market. The remainder helps our FinTech companies grow their reach into international markets.