Digital Banks




Neil Appalsamy –¬†Senior Information Technology Consultant


Banking technology solutions for underserved markets are ineffective and unprofitable. For many finance, enterprise and telecom providers in underserved markets their Legacy systems fail to adapt to new requirements, high operational costs leave markets unsatisfied, and long implementations due to regulatory compliance and technical challenges. Underserved Markets remain disconnected from financial services. Lack of access working capital cause businesses to lose Billions* in annual sales. In fact, over 1.5B adults remain underserved by any formal financial services. Today, both private and public sectors lack the right solutions to access new revenue streams.


4PAY is a core-banking platform (CBS) that can be deployed into environments and quickly overcoming technology challenges. 4PAY enables enterprise and telecom customers to disburse liquidity products. For example, within 6 weeks a telecom provider can advertise and provision micro-loan service to its customer base in under 6 seconds and manage the entire loan lifecycle.