Digital Lending


London, Canada

Adam Rice – CEO 


The personal loan lending stakeholders consists of the lenders, the affiliates that generate customer leads and the customers. They face the following problems:

  1. Different lenders have different credit-risk assessment criteria for their customer segment. These lenders do not like to pay upfront for leads.
  2. Affiliates aren’t able to monetize their leads as their leads do not pass a particular lender’s credit-risk assessment criteria.
  3. Such customers with different credit-rating are often left dissatisfied for want of personal loans.


Asset Direct (LoanConnect) provides solutions to all the 3 problems:

  1. Lenders can provide their credit-risk assessment parameters and the LoanConnect API matches customer data from 80 partnerships to provide qualified leads to the Lenders.
  2. Affiliates can run their customer data though the LoanConnect platform to find appropriate lenders and sell leads in order to monetize their efforts.
  3. An unsecured personal loan search engine marketplace for , as the platform showcases all possible lenders for their personal loan.