Toronto, Canada

Brice Penaud – CEO 




Fortune 1000 companies and Banks must find alternative solutions to borrow and invest short term liquidity due to constraints created by regulatory changes that have been introduced following the Global Financial Crisis. 

Since then, the digital certification of documents has brought up important concerns in regards to document management, ownership and authenticity.


Commercial Passport KYC uses blockchain technology to provide complete chain-of-custody control, supporting all legal entities, bundling documentation requirements, and offering digital certification.

The Commercial Passport platform delivers what risk and compliance departments need in terms of true certification for documents that comply with KYC regulations.

Commercial Passport

Commercial Passport help financial organizations securely receive and manage KYC documents with their investors.

Commercial Passport provides global digital KYC solutions, helping financial institutions reduce the time to onboard clients by automating beneficial ownership analysis and client document maintenance. Based in Toronto, Canada, Commercial Passport’s Universal KYC Solution is a paradigm shift in KYC collection, providing senders and receivers a clear chain of custody for KYC documents through blockchain technology.

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Sector: Capital Markets/Reg Tech
Founder/s: Brice Penaud

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