Virginia (US), Montreal (Canada), New York City (US), London (UK) & Berlin (Germany)


David Lehrer – CEO 


Banks have zero tolerance for insider fraud, theft of confidential customer data, etc. which can destroy reputations and morale. Catching such internal instances is harder than detecting external cybersecurity breaches.


Conatix cysana applies artificial intelligence to detect suspicious activity, improper behavior, compliance and policy violations and other threats on a financial institution’s network even with tens of thousands of endpoints and employees, and detect it as or even before it happens. It innovates in 3 key areas:

  1. Stream the most granular data available, including every second of all data on the screen (ie. text, image, video) for every endpoint, in applications or browser, on a bank’s IT network – unlike other cybersec systems that start with highly summarized network-level data.
  2. Continuously fast streaming of massive data sets, and real-time analysis on-premise behind the bank’s own firewall.
  3. On the interface side, rather than issuing thousands of unprioritized text alerts per day to system administrators, Conatix visualizes the changing health of the it network in 3D so both departments and individuals can be tracked visually.