Denver, US

David Potter – CEO 

Abb Kapoor – COO


Financial institutions have to reject customers who do not meet their risk assessment criteria to be given a loan. Neither FIs like to reject customers nor do customers like to be rejected.


Solution that helps customers understand why their profile / loan application was rejected and what corrective action they can take to be on a path to achieve approval.


Curu is credit automating app

Curu has as a mission to redefine finance and credit from being a crippling and abusive system to one that empowers individuals. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA, Curu automates credit improvement by analyzing users’ finances and making actionable suggestions on factors such as payments, balance increases and credit report errors. The program gamifies the experience and rewards users with badges and Curu Credits for good credit practices.

Company Website:
Sector: Personal Finance
Founder/s: David Potter, Abb Kapoor

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