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United States


More FDI is being deployed around the world and currency volatility substantially impacts IRR.

Investors are demanding managers have a better handle on their FX risk and want to invest in local currency. FDI is increasing and emerging markets are attracting billions of direct investments. Currency volatility is increasing due to political pressure. Digital payments are here to stay and smart contracts are perfect for cross border investments.


Our product helps quantify the FX risk on an international investment, and help the user select compare and contrast different hedging strategies. The platform uses back testing and monte carlo analysis to simulate how strategies will perform in any market scenario. This gives the user the insights they need to invest overseas with confidence. We then amalgamate the best pricing from the our banking partners around the world to ensure the transactions are executed at a fair and transparent price. Finally we review and report of the efficacy of the strategy and allow the client to evolve the strategy.