Fintech Show Livestream 2022

From 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM EST

For in-person tickets, visit our Eventbrite page.

Join us in-person and enjoy an evening of fintech pitches, live music, and drinks while you network among the fintech community. * Tickets also include access to a MasterClass by RBCx, MNP and Renno & Co, and an IFH Showcase & Fintech Drinks by Fintech Cadence. 

* If you are a Holt Advisor, please contact a Holt team member for a VIP registration link.

Invite friends and colleagues to join!

For more details, visit our Year in Review webpage.

Featuring our Latest Portfolio Investments and Alumni Companies


Core banking system offering a large suite of microservices to empower bank offerings.

Digital Payments


F/X hedging software for investors and their portfolios.

Capital Markets 


Flight compensation coverage covering you for delays, overbookings or cancellations. 



Geotargeting solution that targets banking customers in selected geofence with relevant offers prior to point of sale.

Digital Payments

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