We now focus on B2B2C model where we can leverage our services as an add-on value service and a new revenue stream for our partners. Although we are an online law firm, we define ourselves more as a Fintech, legal tech/ Insurtech / travel-tech company that develop B2B2C solutions that procure peace of mind for travellers and disrupt the travel industry. We use technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current industry model. The entire global tourism industry has åbeen strongly impacted by the recent pandemic crisis. Travellers and industry players alike have been battered over the past two years. In order to allow the traveler to regain their confidence and the actors of the industry to offer a value-added service, generating new revenue streams, all while reducing their work. We have created a new product: Peace of Mind.


Peace of mind is an add-on services that is being purchased at the moment of booking. It is sold by travel agent through GDS. Once the travellers as purchase our service, he gets in real time notification about is flight status. We educate them on their right and on their situation. Is the flight is delayed, cancelled, overbook or if their luggage gets lost. We automatically get them compensation by the airline. 100% of this process is automatization. So, travel agent doesn’t have to take care of it, the traveller doesn’t spend hours and hours of vacation time to try to reach out to the airline. We do this for them, and we sell this for 15$ per passenger!