Get to know Canada’s most active early stage fintech investors.

Get to Know Canada’s
Most Active Early-Stage Fintech Investors

With over a hundred years and five generations of experience and a robust global network, Holt is powering innovative tech products, world-class companies, and entrepreneurs, helping shape the future of their businesses and growth.

We Invest First where Others Follow

Our portfolio companies have raised over $120M, which is 30x more than our initial investment, from close to 50 institutional investors. Additionally, we’ve facilitated over 100 deals directly between our portfolio companies and our Advisor Army. Investors, through license dealers, choose to invest in our fund of portfolio companies, or invest directly to build your own portfolio.

Over 75% of our investments have diversity at the founder or executive level. This is because we believe that the foundation of a successful business is built with unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences. For this reason, we believe in creating equal opportunities for people from all walks of life regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, race, religion, or sexuality. This is how our industry moves forward, together.
  • $725M combined companies valuations
  • 39 companies in 10 countries
  • We invest in top 1% of deals reviewed
  • 10K+ fintechs tracked & 1M+ data points

We’ve invested in diverse companies from all over the world that best integrate into North American systems.

We are Not just a Fund... We are a Platform to Manage Funds

By investing in us, you are invested in our 39 early-stage portfolio companies, receive carry from our 5 Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) in our selected breakout portfolio companies, ownership of the management company Holt Xchange Inc and associated technology. Furthermore, you can benefit from the future investments we make, such as SPVs and future funds we will manage.

Backed by 100 Years of Family Legacy and our Advisor Army

We believe everyone should hold a portion of their wealth in a diversified of venture capital portfolio. We enable this to happen alongside a team of fintech game changers and their surrounding entourage.

“Our family has a history of investing, growing, supporting, and building financial companies for the past five generations.”
You can now be part of the legacy!

Financial services and entrepreneurship runs in the Holt family DNA, beginning with Sir Herbert Holt, who emigrated from Ireland to Canada in 1873 at 18 years old with only $100 to name. Holt went on to control assets 10x larger than the money in circulation in Canada and played a pivotal role in the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Holt later helped pioneer Quebec’s energy industry, founding the Montreal Light, Heat & Power Company which became Hydro-Quebec.

Appointed to the board of both Montreal Gas and Royal Electric, he eventually merged those companies in 1901 to become Montreal Light Heat and Power Corporation (MLHPC), now known as Hydro-Quebec. Over his 23 years, MLHPC earnings soared 18x (ie. $450 million in today’s money), net assets of 9x (ie. $2.3 billion in today’s money), and reduced the price of electricity by a factor of 10.

While overseeing the activities of MLHPC, he was also President of RBC from 1908 to 1934, and remained on the board until 1941. During his tenure, he grew the banks assets 15x (ie. $11.3 billion in today’s money).

During Sir Herbert Holt’s 68 years in Canada, he became director of 300 companies, with assets valued around $3B, and was knighted by King George V. On his death, the Montreal Gazette described Holt as “the richest man in Canada”.

His business acumen and expertise helped him become one of the most powerful influencers in Canada’s modern economy. Following the creation of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame in 1979, Sir Herbert Holt’s induction recognized his significant contribution to the Canadian economy.

The Holt Xchange Master Fund raise is currently only open for accredited investors. Opportunities for retail investors to join are coming soon. Make a reservation now to ensure you can invest when it's ready.

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