What is Holt Xchange?

Holt Xchange is a global venture capital fund investing in early/seed stage entrepreneurs across the globe. Holt invests in fintech applications including digital banking, digital lending, payments, digital ID, real estate tech / proptech, regtech, cybersecurity, wealthtech, data analytics, infrastructure platforms, etc.

Holt Xchange invests via its virtual investment & portfolio growth program, held once every year during July-Sept.
Over the last 4 years, Holt has backed 39 companies across 10 countries. 



Up to $135,000 in equity financing from Holt Fund, as well as the potential to unlock further follow-on investment via SPVs / angel network.


Direct access to over 600+ Holt Advisors that represent external Angels and Series A investors, Financial Institutions, and tech/product experts.


Weekly support from our Holt staff regarding key company focus areas, and any team expansion requirements, navigating regulator barriers, hiring at the executive & advisory level, supporting hiring funding grants (+$100K), etc..


30+ service providers for +$200K worth of credits or discounts.

investment criteria

Holt backs passionate and domain experienced entrepreneurs solving critical business problems in the fintech domain, targeting a large market.

Some of the key parameters we look at:

investment grading process

Holt is a value-add investor and takes pride in its 600+ global advisory network through which it adds significant value to its portfolio companies. To ensure that Holt can add value, it follows a 3-round grading process to screen, evaluate and match with Holt’s investment focus and advisory network’s skills.

The 3-round process is as follow:

Round 1 – Initial screening

  • Entrepreneurs apply on F6S by providing a few details via our investment review form
  • Top 100 shortlisted entrepreneurs move to Round 2
  • All entrepreneurs (including the not-shortlisted ones) receive screening feedback for Round 1

Round 2 – Video Interview

  • Entrepreneurs are matched with our global advisory pool and 1-2 advisors are paired with each entrepreneur
  • 45-minute video interview with an interview panel comprising the advisors & 1 Holt investment team member
  • Interview panel shares feedback which is collated and reviewed
  • Top 30 shortlisted entrepreneurs (that agree to Holt’s investment structure) move to Round 3
  • All entrepreneurs (including the not-shortlisted ones) receive interview feedback for Round 2

Round 3 – Selection Day

  • 2-day speed dating event  
  • There are 16 panels with each panel comprising 4-6 advisors
  • Each entrepreneur pitches to each panel, followed by Q&A, thus ~100+ interactions for each entrepreneur
  • Each panel provides feedback on each entrepreneur
  • Collated feedback is reviewed along with internal analysis
  • Top 15 entrepreneurs are invited for alignment on investment terms
  • Top 1% entrepreneurs (who are aligned on the investment terms) are invited for the accelerated legal due-diligence & business hygiene checks
  • All cleared entrepreneurs receive the investment letter and invitation to growth program

TIMELINE FOR HOLT'S investment & growth program

After Round 3 (Selection Day), Top 1% companies make it to the program.


Holt invests up to CAD$135k as follow:

Equity for CAD$35k cash subjective to valuation based on the stage of your company and discounted for the value of the program


  • Evaluate the entrepreneur performance /milestones achieved towards the end of the program
  • Another cash investment of up to CAD$ 100k, subject to milestone achievement & due-diligence

3-Month Virtual Growth Program

  • Alignment on the business milestones the entrepreneur wants to achieve to best achieve growth (Revenue and funding)
  • 1 hour weekly meetings for 12 weeks
  • Each meeting is absolutely customized as per the entrepreneur’s business objectives with focus on business development, fund-raising, tech & product refinement, global expansion, etc.
  • Weekly curated one-on-one introduction to Holt’s 500+ global advisory network for specific business objectives and Holt participates to push for output from these meetings
  • Software credits worth CAD$ 200k+ from global providers including HubSpot, Brex, AWS, etc.

In-Person in Montreal


After portfolio companies obtain their initial investment and complete our value added due diligence program, we assess fit for follow-on investment in which we would co-Lead the Seed and the Series A rounds.

Our rich legacy of entrepreneurship paired with an innovative and forward-thinking approach to investing means our backing will help your business or tech product achieve remarkable success on an unprecedented scale.

HOLT is a registered trademark owned by CSFB Holt LLC, and is being used by Holt XChange Inc. under license.