our approach and philosophy

Invest with us, and invest in a market network dedicated to developing businesses into successful leaders. We think beyond the basics of venture capital, and invest in finance, entrepreneurship, and technology. By selecting the top-tier FinTech companies on a national and global scale, we can help form partnerships with financial institutions. With the support of a financial institution under your belt, attracting interest and securing additional financing from other sources becomes far more attainable for our portfolio companies.

Investment Thesis

Our belief is that the hockey stick curve for fintech has a sharper inflection point in fintech; however, the “handle” side of the stick is substantially longer given the slow rate of adoption of fintech technology by financial institutions. The best performing companies that are “crossing the valley of death”, have increased difficulty in landing on the other side as financial institutions prefer partnering with Series A funded companies; however, Series A funding generally only occurs after fintechs have partnered with financial institutions.

We’ve proven that by selecting the best fintech companies nationally and globally, who are most ready and best suited to partner with financial institutions, we can enable these partnerships to occur. This is because a partnership with a financial institution, requires identifying the right partner, reaching the corresponding deal requirements, and engaging the proper support network. In reaching one deal, other financial institution partnerships become substantially easier, and options for financing become unlocked.

Our fund & platform

  • Tracking 5,000 + Fintech globally
  • Receiving 500+ application per year
  • Investing in the top 1%
  • 300+ advisors and service provides
  • 35+ partnered financial institutions
  • 50+ VCs and angel investors
  • 300+ advisors and service provides
  • 35+ partnered financial institutions
  • 50+ VCs and angel investors

Our fund & platform

Our fund

For investors, our fund represents enormous value, including:


Holt’s platform has proven it can scout and support early stage startups; however, it lacks capital to further invest in the most promising teams. The Holt Canada Fund will invest in the best startups coming out of the platform. To mitigate potential conflict of interest between the accelerator and fund, the fund will find credible 3rd party lead investors, and invest alongside those terms.

+4K leads


Leveraging our Advisor base and the family to continuously
engage 4K international leads.

+50K leads/$30M raised

Portfolio Scale & Exits

Deals with customers, investors, and advisors, carrying breakout teams through multiple finance founds.

+10K Fintechs

Marketing & Origination

Track & rank all global finch startups, then segment & target best, yielding > 1,800 applicants to the Holt Fund I to date.

Our achievements

+2K applications :

Hundreds and hundreds of early-stage startups have sought our expertise.

27 companies:

A vast cohort from across the world delivering a broad range of solutions.

3 years:

We are Canada’s most active seed fintech investor — and we’re just getting started.

VC Partners

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan is the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of WatchMojo, a video and content production that has grown to become one of YouTube’s most successful channels. An envelope-pushing investor and advisor, Karbasfrooshan sold his previous company to News Corp. In 2015, he was awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year (Media & Entertainment).


Edmond Eldebs currently sits as the Vice-President of Revenue Management, Sales & Distribution at Porter Airlines, a Canadian airline servicing more than 20 destinations in North America. Outside his work with Holt as an investor and advisor, Eldebs is also an angel investor and leads the alumni startup investment relations with Western University in Ontario.


An investor and company founder with more than 30 years of experience, today Barry Friesen serves as the President of Friesen Electric, a business offering turnkey solutions for industrial process servicing oil, gas, and mining. As President at Cary investments, he has long pursued investments in early-stage startups and businesses. 


Our rich legacy of entrepreneurship paired with an innovative and forward-thinking approach to investing means our backing will help your business or tech product achieve remarkable success on an unprecedented scale.