Plantation & San Francisco (US) & Montreal (Canada)

Christina Camacho РCEO 


Small business lending is saturated with dishonest pricing. Whatsmore, lenders leave a group of underserved business owners in need of working capital.


Ivy Lender is a two-sided marketplace connecting lending institutions to the largely untapped small business market. Their customers convert more SMB applications using the AI-driven borrower adjudication process, and the broker onboarding tool improves submissions from the institution’s broker channel–these two features alone increase conversion by 90%.

Additionally, Ivy Lender is unique to the FinTech space because it offers payment processing and foreign currency solutions to their clients in the United States and Canada.

Ivy Lender

One platform, changing the way businesses secure capital across North America.

Ivy Lender applies artificial intelligence to solve the complex end-to-end problem of digital loan origination.  Ivy provides a seamless user experience using proprietary technology that matches borrowers with lenders.  Unlike other marketplace lenders, Ivy Lender graduates clients to a lower-cost product over time and provides tools to get business on a path to financial freedom.

Company Website: www.ivylender.com
Sector: Lending
Founder/s: Christina Camacho

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