New York (US), Bangalore (India)

Sajil Koroth – CEO 




Financial institutions have a problem detecting and predicting customer behaviour in order to retain, cross-sale and increase wallet share of their customers. Current solutions are not fully exhaustive, involve high development and maintenance costs, require a long time to implement, and specific expertise.


Enables financial institutions to build complex customer engagement workflows to leverage data and improve revenue. All without any coding and using pre-built artificial intelligence and customer experience modules.


KapitalWise is an AI platform for financial institutions to personalize banking

KapitalWise helps customers better their financial health with different tools. From financial wellness scoring to cash flow forecasting and smart goal setting, this AI platform helps personal bankers to engage with their clients by helping them to achieve financial success. Based in New York, NY, U.S.A., KapitalWise uses existing customer data, external sources and its own proprietary platform to deepen relationships with each unique customer.

Company Website: www.kapitalwise.com
Sector: Personal Finance
Founder/s: Garvin Chen, Paul Stamoulis, Sajil Koroth, Landon Ewers

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