Mall IQ


Digital Payments


United States


Consumers now have many ways to pay. Credit and Debit Cards issued by Banks, Fintechs as well as BNPL platforms all compete to be top-of-wallet to earn interchange fee and loyalty of their customers. The biggest problem these FIs face is activation and wallet-share. We choose to work on solving this problem because our proprietary location technology allows us to know what each customer wants to buy and when they’re about to make a purchase before they take their wallet or phone out. The average number of payment options per person is increased in the last 5 years with the increased number of Digital, Neo, Challenger banks and BNPL platforms. The pace of new fintechs are accelerating as it’s becoming easier to utilize BaaS and Card-a-a-S to form new B2C fintechs. Thus, the wallet-share of each FI is being challenged even more each year.


Mall IQ is a privacy-first location intelligence & AI platform, empowering financial institutions to deliver real-time, personalized mobile engagements for improving share-of-wallet, frequency of usage & retention of card and loan products. Mall IQ solution enables clients to: engage customers with personalized campaigns in real-time in the physical world before the purchase is made; enrich their CRM database with offline store visit behavior; improve customer segmentation understanding the offline customer journey; enrich fraud data systems with real-time offline location data; and allow data-driven merchant & offer operations via customers.