Toronto, Canada


With the continuously increasing amount of data points a company creates and receives, the technology processing the information will hit analytical limitations due to the complexity and diverse types of data points. Big Data requires powerful processing tools and equipment to harness its true power.


QuantumSense is an artificial intelligence company that provides data analysis through meaning and structure.

In the financial industry, the sentiment analysis used alongside fundamental analysis can process unstructured to provide better predictions. Insurers can speed up the insurance claims process by automating it through QuantumSense’s semantic search engine.

The semantic analysis algorithm has quantum-mechanic structures and is thus ready to be implemented on future quantum computing systems.


QuantumSense is an AI driven claims system with a customer facing chatbot

QuantumSense is an artificial intelligence company founded in Canada and successful graduate of the machine learning track of the CDL program in Toronto. It provides a top semantic search that works on the sentence level to give a more accurate and faster search for ideas or text passages in documents or archives of any business smoothing the workflow. Together with the sentiment analysis this can also be used for fundamental analysis in finance and social media to analyze unstructured data and to make better predictions in real-time.

Company Website: www.quantumsense.ai  
Sector: InsurTech
Founder/s: Marco Fernandez, Teresa Lam

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