R2 of FinTech Evaluations

Welcome to Round 2 of FinTech Evaluations!

Thank you for agreeing to participate in our Round 2 of the Grading Process for this year. We are extremely grateful for your time and expertise. Round 2 is a Zoom video interview round. See below for details. 

Guidelines for Round 2:


1. You have been matched with a fintech based on the fintech verticals you provided on the RSVP form. We will be taking your availabilties and scheduling interviews. 


2. Gaurav will assign you (on F6S platform) the Fintech which you will be interviewing. 


  • You will receive F6S link(s) in your email for the fintechs assigned to you. Kindly use the f6S links to login on f6S platform.
  • The f6S platform contains the fintech’s detailed application information, pitch deck and also the grading as done in Round 1 with comments. Request you to go through the material so that you are prepared before the interview. 
  • Please do not grade these Fintechs on f6S platform. Use the ‘Feedback Form’ below instead. 

3. For Round 2 (interview-round), see below for the ‘Feedback Form’ that you are requested to submit for each Fintech that you interview.


  • The Feedback Form contains 4 sections and suggested grading parameters for the 40-minute interview
  • For each section, please include detailed comments (pros and cons) and a section score on a scale of 10
  • You may fill the Feedback Form either while having the interview or post-call (from your notes), whatever you deem best
  • An overall score of < 24 (out of 40) implies that the Fintech will most probably not move ahead to Round 3 

4. Round 2 is a zoom interview call as follow:

  • Introductions – 5 minutes 
  • Pitch – 10 minutes  
  • Q&A – 20 minutes (Please keep your answers as crisp as possible)
  • Investment terms – 5 minutes

Feedback Form