We invest in the top 1% of companies that represent the best match with our Advisors\y network, with $30K upfront and up to an additional $100K if pre-established milestones are met, all while providing guidance and connecting with hundreds of the most relevant Advisors.


After portfolio companies obtain their initial investment and complete our value added due diligence, we assess fit for follow-on investment in which we would co-Lead the Seed and the Series A rounds.

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We currently support 28 active investments, 9 of which are from Canada and the remaining international companies have set up teams in the country.


Applications are accepted year-round

Thought eXchange: Webinar Informational Sessions

May 19, 2021, deal acceptance closure for the year

June 28th & June 29th, Selection Days

Platform onboarding (By Q3)

Fintech Show 4.0 (October, Official Date TBD)



Our advisor network makeup is one-third financial institutions, one-third banks, and one-third experts. Together, we pick the top 8 to 12 applicants to partner with.

Our network of advisors stands 500-strong, and are carefully chosen based on how well suited they are to support early-stage fintechs. The majority reside in Canada (approximately 70%) while the remaining are located internationally, giving our fintechs an edge into entry for all markets.

Beyond this, we have a large expert base made up of universities, governments, regulators, service providers, non-profits, and incubators/accelerators, giving our partners the support they need to succeed.


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