Partner Highlight: Undiscovered Ventures

by Holt Accelerator | June 26, 2018

Holt is proud to announce that VC firm Undiscovered Ventures is joining the Holt Fintech Accelerator program.

Undiscovered Ventures is a firm that believes in opening up new markets, processes, and products with the companies they work with. One of their main goals is to fund startups creating new demands rather than startups that only compete in sectors that already have strong competition.

Rather than work within the traditional venture capital model, Undiscovered Ventures has developed their own system of funding and support that benefits both entrepreneurs and investors. As they join the Holt Accelerator, they bring their passion for helping the right startups innovate to the program.

“The Holt Fintech Acceleration Program is remarkable not because of the incredible resources it brings to its start-ups, nor the five generations of knowledge this family has accumulated during its role as a pillar of the financial services industry, but rather because the program is all these things bound by a commitment to deliver success,” says Don McGowan, Founder and Chief Investment Officer for Undiscovered Ventures.

With industry leaders in fields such as politics, science, finance, and more, Undiscovered Ventures has built a robust network of investors and professionals. With their partnership with the Holt Fintech Accelerator, Undiscovered Ventures will be an invaluable resource for our chosen fintech teams.

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