HodlBot Internship – Fintech Writer/Creative Content

by webmaster | September 17, 2019

Fintech Writer / Creative Content

Company Description:

HodlBot is an early stage start-up that helps investors automatically diversify and rebalance their cryptocurrency portfolios.

In the last year, HodlBot executed over $60 million in transaction volume. We also have attracted more than 500,000 + people to our blog in the first year.

Our content strategy is simple: identify topics that people care about, mine data, find new insights, visualize these insights and publish content that no one else is writing.

Example 1: We mined every comment on Reddit mentioning the cryptocurrency meme “HODL” in the last 3 years on Reddit. We then looked at the correlation between HODL mentions, and Bitcoin price. We found that on volatile days, HODL mentions were more likely to go up. (Covered by Investopedia, Bloomberg, The Outline)

Example 2: We mined every comment on Reddit mentioning “Elon Musk” and assigned a sentiment to each score. We found that the average sentiment on the man was trending downwards. We scored average sentiment weighted by karma across each subreddit, and found the interesting patterns in the subreddits that did not like him vs. the ones that did. (Covered by MarketWatch, ZeroHedge)

Job Description:

We’re looking for a smart, diligent, and creative individual to help us accelerate our content roadmap.

A lot of the topics we talk about are complex, so we prefer a writing style that is concise. We’re looking for someone who is good at unpacking difficult concepts and explaining them simply.

You’ll be:

  • Collaborating with our data scientist on new content pieces in the world of finance, popular media, and cryptocurrency.
  • Supporting the creation of infographics & data visualizations
  • Identifying & proposing new topics for research & publication

What You’ll Get Out of It:

  • Paid compensation (up to negotiation on hourly vs. $/words basis)
  • A kick-ass writing portfolio (we’ve built connections to big media publications)
  • Experience working on data-oriented journalism & content (in our opinion the future of journalism).
  • Invited to the top fintech networking events in Canada where you will be able to meet future prospective clients

What you you’ll learn:

  • How to create viral written content and build a blog from scratch from a world-class mentor (our founder used to work as a growth engineer for a Y Combinator 2011 SaaS company)
  • How SEO really works (content & technical)
  • Analytics (how to use readership & engagement data to measure success)
  • How to distribute content and get it in front of people (social media, publications, etc.)
  • How to write for a tech-based audience
  • How to identify new interesting topics from the lens of a data scientist
  • The data-journalism workflow (identify topics, research, insights, visualization, publication)

Time Requirements:

  • 20hr per week (flexible)

Who Can Apply:

We realize that what you study in school may not reflect what you’re good at, and what you actually want to do. So we’re open to applicants from any background, as long as you can write, and write well.

How to Apply:

To apply, send us an e-mail to founders@hodlbot.io with the subject “FINTECH WRITER”.

Give us an intro about who you are, attach a resume, and send a piece or two of your best written work. Doesn’t matter the topic.

We prefer written work samples that live in the real world over anything you’ve done for school.  “I’d rather read a scathing Google review on your least favourite restaurant in town, than some boring essay you wrote in school”.

No need for a cover letter.

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