by Mehul Prime | August 2, 2018

TORONTO, ON (August 2, 2018) – Impression Ventures, a FinTech venture capital firm, and Holt FinTech Accelerator, are proud to announce their strategic partnership. This program is based in Montreal and extends the entrepreneurship legacy of Sir Herbert Holt, Quebec’s energy pioneer, who created one of the largest privately owned utility in the world. With this partnership, Impression Venture will provide mentorship, guidance and support to the Fintech entrepreneurs admitted into the Holt Accelerator.

“Our mission at Impression Ventures is to identify, nurture, and invest in the most promising FinTech businesses. To this end, we are very excited to partner with the seasoned team of professionals at the Holt Accelerator. We are confident that together we have an important role to play in building the global FinTech leaders of tomorrow” says Maor Amar, Managing Partner of Impression Ventures.

Impression Ventures was founded in 2013 and is based in Toronto, Ontario. The venture capital firm solely invests in FinTech companies. They lead late seed or early Series A rounds of investments and they accompany the companies along their evolution to make sure they achieve their vision. Impression Venture’s team of experts spends a significant amount of time with each and every one of their portfolio companies to tailor their advice to meet their needs as closely as possible.

“At Holdun, we are very honoured and humbled to announce this partnership with Impression Ventures. By combining our efforts, more startups will be able to benefit from our services and our council in their development. This will help make our program the ideal infrastructure to integrate FinTech and exponential technologies industries”, says Brendan Holt Dunn, Founder and Managing Partner for the Holt Fintech Accelerator Program.

The Holt Accelerator is currently engaged in a global search for the next 400 rising stars in FinTech to take part in the program, and it encourages all interested candidates to submit their applications through the Holt Accelerator website by August 4th for a chance to participate. The company offers participants a unique opportunity to benefit from hands-on help through committed partners, trainings, world-class mentors, immersion in the FinTech environment, board meetings and financial investments. The Holt Accelerator Program is also the only accelerator offering one of Canada’s largest applied AI solution providers, Stradigi AI, an undeniable resource for all FinTechs wishing to get ahead. Everything is thought through to get the best out of the program and unleash the selected startups’ full potential.

About Impression Ventures

Impression Ventures is a leading independent FinTech focused VC firm with offices in Toronto and Montreal. They lead late seed or early Series A rounds by making a first investment of approximately $1.5M. Post financing they follow up with extensive and ongoing support to help companies achieve their vision.

Their partners and advisors team have significant experience as entrepreneurs, software engineers, product managers and financial services executives.

Impression Ventures has provided Seed and Series A capital to portfolio companies including Wealthsimple, Sensibill, Brim Financial, Symend, Goose Insurance, and Finaeo

About Holdun

The Holt-Dunn family is the direct legacy of Sir Herbert Holt, and one of Montreal’s finest. Their ancestor immigrated to Canada in 1873 and built the Montreal Light, Heat & Power Company, which would later be expropriated and now known as Hydro-Québec. Business people at heart, members of the family founded or owned over 300 companies locally and internationally. At one time, the family possessed assets accounting for about three billion dollars (equivalent to forty billion dollars in today’s currency). That amount was 10 times larger than the Canadian government’s circulating currency. Sir Herbert Holt was inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame in 1979 and is, to this date, the longest-serving chairman and president of RBC (from 1908 to 1934). His participation was crucial in turning RBC into the country’s largest bank and the third largest in North America.

For more information, contact:

Geneviève Sorel, Citoyen Optimum,, 514-973-2135


Impression Ventures,, 647-725-3355 or visit

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