International Fintech Startups Can Now Apply for Our 2019 Cohort

by Holt Accelerator | April 9, 2019

We are currently accepting applications into the next cohort at Holt Fintech Accelerator!

This is the beginning of a really exciting period for the whole Holt team as we work to attract startups to apply to our new cohort over the next couple of months. In the last month, we have been to dozens of events globally seeking teams that best fit our Advisors needs. See our growing list of Advisors here!

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for international, pre-Series A (i.e. bootstrapped, pre-seed, seed, bridge), FinTech startups who (or that)  are ready to take advantage of this high-impact program.

The program is being backed by the Holt family – one of Canada’s wealthiest families. The program is also supported by one of Canada’s largest AI firms and a long list of influencers within the FinTech community, offering invaluable insights into the North American market. Our website has all the info:

Here’s what we offer

The Capital (up to $125K cash + $50K value)

  • $25K CAD + $200K CAD in-kind on flexible terms,
  • Up to $100K CAD available if milestones are met,
  • Potential investments from Holt angels & institutions,
  • Potential for capital calls from Holt or Holdun.

The Ecosystem (Priceless)

  • Plug into Holt Financial’s digital bank and exchange for new revenue sources,
  • Raise financing more easily and strategically through the STO platform,
  • Potential to partner with our alumni and future cohort.

Potential Clients (+$100K CAD value)

  • Access to key people in financial institutions,
  • Obtain real feedback on product(s),
  • Potentially close deals with paying customers.

The Support ($100K CAD value)

  • Super Advisors provide one day a week over 12-weeks,
  • Access to world class PhDs to guide the teams weekly,
  • Coaching & workshops (pitching, lunch & learns, etc.),
  • Guidance from industry & tech experts,
  • Bonus: visibility, free office, service provider discounts.  


Invitation for selection date: June 15
Application deadline: June 14
Selection dates: July 8-9 (MTL startup festival + meet and obtain feedback from over 100 Advisors)
Program starts: August 19
Program ends: November 8

Here’s what some of our 2018 cohort had to say

“Once I read about the Holt Fintech Accelerator’s mission and understood the background of the family, as well as the array of businesses and the structure of the program, I knew it’d be a great fit. Holt can connect us to client and investor opportunities, and accelerate the growth of our clients.”

Thomas Schickler, CEO The Liquidity Marketplace

“It’s an exciting time to be in Fintech.  We’ve seen waves of disruption in the space, and then banks absorb some of that change.  We’re helping banks compete with stand-alone fintech apps by bringing personalized financial wellness tools into their offering and winning the customer back.  We’re excited to be part of the Holt Accelerator and appreciate the support they’re giving us to let more people know about our product. The rest of the cohort is also highly talented, and we may have an opportunity to partner with other startups that complement our offering.”

Sajil Koroth, CEO, KapitalWise

“I am the first woman in the Holt program. I believe this program will provide me with a platform to inspire other female Fintech founders and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and never give up.”

Christina Camacho, Ivy Lender CEO

“Ultimately, the Holt mentors have been instrumental in helping us unify and establish a clearer path forward!”


“We had several discussions with Brendan and Jan before applying and realized that they are great people, with great connections into financial institutions in Canada — our current customer base.  We’ve also learned since starting the program how hands on these guys are. The program is extremely well organized and the Holt management team has been very helpful. This journey is incredibly exciting!”

Sean Merat, CEO, Owl

Check out why you should join us this year

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