Our Team is Growing

by Holt Accelerator | March 25, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that the Holt Accelerator Family is growing! We recently added two new people to our team who will work to connect with startups and promote our program to the world. Our new Head of Programs is Timur Shomansurov and our new Head of Marketing is Kelly Bergeron. Both joined the team in March 2019 and are excited to help grow and connect with Fintechs in Montreal, Canada, and around the world! Find out more about them below:

Timur Shomansurov (Head of Programs)

Timur is a seasoned Fintech expert who has first-hand experience and a deep understanding of modern payment infrastructure, trends, and technologies (P2P payments, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, e-money, wallets and etc.) and a strong grasp of the legal framework regulating FinTech industry in EU, Russia and non-EU European countries.

He’s a serial entrepreneur and international business developer with 20+ years in payments, technology and telecommunications. His management consulting experience with a major global consulting company enforces his practical experience. He’s a strategic leader with a well-documented career throughout which he’s provided the foundation and innovative strategies for business scalability, market expansion, and revenue growth.

He’s managed full cycle product development for telecommunication, banking and digital product distribution industries. As a startup and business developer, he has first-hand experience studying markets, developing market entry strategies, building partnerships and alliances, selecting/developing sales channels, developing new products and adapting existing products to constantly changing environment.

You can find Timur on LinkedIn.

Kelly Bergeron (Head of Marketing)

Kelly has spent the past 15 years incorporating the role of marketing designer, digital strategist, and organizational innovator in various industries including tech, nonprofit, and government. She recently inhabited the role of Executive Director at the Cornwall Innovation Centre and through that, launched a new post-secondary initiative called the Ontario Emerging Jobs Institute (to address the tech skills shortage in tech in rural regions). Through the Innovation Centre, she helped local startups build their networks, she connected them with funding opportunities, promoted their products and services and ran events to help cultivate entrepreneurship in the region.

Before working at the CIC, she spent 3 years building digital experiences with Salesforce in Toronto and San Francisco, and returned home to launch her own startup. She created Code Heroes, to empower youth in Eastern Ontario in digital literacy and launched the Cornwall Chapter of Canada Learning Code in 2016. Kelly was recently nominated for the Colleges Ontario Premier’s Award in Technology. She brings a unique and diverse experience blending creativity, data, and consumer insights to deliver solid marketing strategies in her new role.

You can find Kelly on LinkedIn.

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